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The Brief Guide To Growth Marketing

All growth is not designed equal. The key to understanding growth is your deep dive knowledge of your product and your organisation.

A fundamental understanding of your product and, specifically, what the key reasons people use it are. It’s easy to be confused about what actual value looks like and, as a byproduct, conflate causation and correlation. Knowing your product value allows you to design the experiments necessary to isolate cause and effect properly. Knowing that will enable you to get new customers to their “aha” moment quickly. However, this requires knowing what the “aha” moment is with a reasonable amount of certainty in the first place.

The brief guide to growth marketing ebook

We created a simple framework for growth – acquisition, activation, engagement, virality. Having this framework allows you to prioritise your work, design experiments, build products. It also allows everyone to understand it and see how decisions were made logically and transparently.

This book will help you and your business understand growth opportunities. It serves up a set of ideas, suggestions, and lessons from across the entire growth marketing spectrum. It features examples from diverse startups, tech, and SaaS companies and outlines tested advice for anyone working in product, marketing, and sales. Done right, a stellar effort around growth puts companies into hyperdrive.

Download your Growth Marketing eBook here

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