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Dr. Andrea Rubik

I have over 18 years of marketing and strategy expertise earned in the marketing and advertising industry, startup ecosystem, and academic research.

As a marketing and business executive, I've built brands and organizational narratives, delivered growth to the business, and enhanced revenue-generating teams in B2B and B2C. Hence, my experience range from marketing communication to marketing as a strategy and growth marketing.

A favorite part of my work is designing marketing strategy, unfolding non-traditional marketing opportunities, brand building, forecasting and modeling growth, and go-to-market strategy. 

Currently, I work with tech and SaaS companies, startups, and a new generation of SMBs on growth marketing at the intersection of product, brand, content, and data; and work with full-stack marketing, growth hacking methodology, and scalable customer acquisition programs.

My work spans contract-role marketing services, strategic partnerships, and an alliance network model. I see every client engagement as unique, and I create the best team of collaborators for the work to maximize our client's business growth.
My aim is also to build the capacity and capability of my client's leadership teams to continue the work themselves. Therefore, my projects are action-oriented, using the collaborative power of the partnerships. 

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